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Walk Across the United States





  • Edward Mjelde

  • North County San Diego, California
  • Age – 26 years
  • 2-Years
  •  5,000-Mile
  • From –  Cape Henlopen, Delaware
  • To – Home , San Diego, California


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Travel in Canada- Moiz Khumri

Shri Moiz Khumri was my classmate at  last year of Electrical engineering class. We studied together only for one year – 1965 . I joined Ahmedabad Electricity Co. Ltd, as a Technical Astt.; wheras he  joined Electrical Deptt. of Govt. of Gujrat as an Asstt. Electrical Inspector after a few years of working at various places.

So he became inspector of our Electrical plant and machinery – a very honorable person for us! When he retired, he was Commissioner of Electricity – a very important person at  Secretary level in Govt. But our friendship has continued and blossomed,  over all these years.

After retirement I have settled near Dalls, Texas, USA , wheras he flip flops between India, Canada and USA.

This narration of his recent travels in Canada with his daugher’s family is the first one from him on the net.  I am sure that, he will not stop at this and we can very reasonably expect many more writings from him in future.


We left Ottawa on 3rd July 09 in Toyota Highlander with our daughter Tasnim on steering wheel all through out the round trip of around 6500 KMs.The last leg of return journey on 18th July was a drive of 1250 KMs.

The greatest entertainer during the entire trip was our grand son Ammar (6 years).In all five of us, me, Zainab, Tasnim, her husband Mohammed and Ammar had great fun during the trip.

The first halt was at Quebec city.Here we saw light and sound show of about 50 minutes on the banks of St.Laurence river covering the history of 400 years of the city.We have seen such shows in Red fort,Jaipur,Gandhi Ashram and Singapore.But this was far superior.Anyone visiting Quebec city has to see this.The Basilica here is also beautiful.We can not forget the delicious Tunisian dinner at “Carthage”.

The next halt was at Fredricton,the capital of New Brunswick.From here we visited the historical village “Kings Landing”. Here it was shown in real form how the artisans of the past era were carrying out their jobs.The dance at the theatre in Kings landing was also quite entertaining.

Thereafter, we visited port city of St.John (Bay of Fundy).The city market here is the big attraction.However the most important place is “Reversing Falls”.Here we see the water current going very high in the direction of the river during high tide and then the reverse flow from the river during low tide bringing down the level much lower.This is nature’s delight rarely observed.Smaller attractions like “Martello Tower” and Irving Natural Park were also good fun.A further smaller delight was a big group of baby foxes just around our vehicle.

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Helifles Citadel Historical Park

Helifles Citadel Historical Park

Further halt was at Halifax(capital of Nova Scotia). Our stay was at Dartmouth, a suburb of Halifax.The attractions here were Halifax Citadel,Halifax harbour and Maritime museum of Atlantic.Here we saw the salvaged remains of “Titanic”.The light house on the rocks at “Peggys Cove” about 60 KMs away is a wonderful sight.THe only operaional post office is below the light house on these rocks.On the way further, we visited memorial of Swiss Air flight 111 wrecked in the ocean in the horizon on 2nd sept 1998.We then visited beautiful harbour city of Lunenberg.

Our next stop was at Sydney(Cape Breton).The harbour here is also nice.The big “Fiddle” erected on harbour is a good attraction.While we were strolling in one of the parks, a family just walking behind us stopped us and asked whether we were talking Gujarati.The lady was so happy that she could meet some one from Gujarat and just wanted to talk in Gujarati.The lady’s forefathers were living in Madhapar(Bhuj) and she was born in Uganda and studied in London(UK) and staying in Sydney for last 35 years.Her husband is a Pakistani doctor.They insisted upon us and took us for tea at their huge house.Meeting some one from your motherland at such a distant remote place made us all very happy.

We then visited Louisbourg.The fortress of Louisbourg is a big attraction there.

We then took world famous lengthy “Cabot trail”(298kms long) on the hills around the sea shore.The scenic road all along was breathtaking. Here our stay was at village “Meat cove” in the cottage on beach shore for 2 days. In this tiny village only 20 families live.The sea shore on this cove was serene.A small restaurant prepared special fresh fishes for our 3 meals there and for the first time I enjoyed the sea food. Normally,I avoid sea food. However, I can not forget those delicious fishes made by the chef Derek with all the love. The charges were unbelievably low at such a remote place.

We then drove again from other side of “Cabot trail” and reached Pictou.The car along with other travelling vehicles was shipped in a Ferry upto the shore of Wood Islands ferry terminal of Price Edward Island and we further drove upto Stratford. On the first eve there, we enjoyed Lebanese food.The capital of Prince Edward Island is Charlottetown.The light and sound show here though nice can not be compared with the excellent show at Quebec city.On this island we enjoyed at famous beaches of Singing Sands, Red point park, Cavendish, Rustico, Murray and other smaller beaches. While we were in Charlottetown we visited famous “COWS” hand-made ice cream factory.Though I am a big fan of Amdavadi Havmor Ice cream,the cows ice cream was exceptionally tasty. During 3 days of our stay in PEI we enjoyed this ice cream.

We also visited Penmore Island light house and the famous Cap Bear light house where first distress signals from the Titanic, while sinking near adjoining New Foundland sea, were received. On this island Acadian and native Mi’kmaq cultures have been thriving. This province is also famous for potato farming.The biggest attraction on this island province is the visit to famous Avonlea village recreating the ambience of famous stories for children- “Anne of green Gables”.About 5 hours spent in this village were most entertaining.Evening dinner that evening at “Captain food” was also very delicious.

The visit at “The Bottle houses” at Cap-Egmont made of appx 10,000 bottles can not be missed while you are at PEI.

While leaving PEI we passed through a 13 KM long Confederation bridge across the ocean. We then stayed at Shediac of New Brunswick.It is adjoining Moncton.The largest structure of Lobster erected at Shediac is the biggest attraction.The  historical Pascal Porier house of Shediac gives the glimpse of that area. The hand embroidery by ladies of that town is attractive. However, magnetic hill at Moncton is really enjoyable.The car able to roll “uphill”; is an experience of life. They say that similar uphill rolling can be witnessed at British Columbia and Australia.

The most important attraction of the trip near Shediac and Moncton was “Hopewell Rock” at Bay of Fundy where during high tides water level reaches upto about 11 to 13 metres and at low tides you can walk on the ocean land.Many visitors come everyday to observe this magnificient wonder of the nature.During low tide you can see plants grown on the rocks of the ocean bed like flower pots.It is a “must” visit site while you are on East Coast of canada.

The important experience on this tour was our stay at most of the places in private homes offering “bed and breakfast” service. We had similar experince during our trip of West Coast in 2007. But this time, it was much better. These services are not cheap and comparable to good hotel prices. But in this case you come in contact with Canadian families and interact with them while enjoying the morning breakfast freshly prepared personally by them.

This concept may also be seen in a very limited cases in US but in Canada it is very popular.