My prose writings


      I intend to get up early in the morning at 6 o’clock. Alarm rings, I switch it off. “Tomorrow I will surely get up in time.’ That tomorrow never comes.

      My BP is high. Doctor has told me to stop fatty and sweet food. The dinner dish is served, full of such tantalizing food. I can’t resist the temptation. ‘Tomorrow I will resist’. That tomorrow never comes.

     I became angry with a friend. In fact fault was mine. ‘Tomorrow I will beg him to forgive.’ That tomorrow never comes.

    A contractor came to office today, and gave me a large sum as bribe. ‘Accepting bribe is immoral. I will not do so henceforth.’ That day never comes.

    I go to Sunday for religious discourse. Gita sermon is very good. It penetrates my heart and mind. But I forget it when I come home.

    A ‘Duryodhan’ resides hidden within me. I know him well. But I cannot assassinate him. But I intend to become Arjuna of Gita tomorrow. That tomorrow never comes.

Original in Gujarati

For the benefit of Non – Hindu readers…

Duryodhan and Arjuna  are the villain and hero of Hindu epic ‘Mahabharat’


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