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Becoming Free; chapter- 8 ; Living in present

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To become free means – to live in present.

        The entire gamut of our existence is selfishness. It is perhaps a platonic dream; an ideal; a dormant desire that it transforms into incessant love and compassion. But the fact remains that we have never truly loved our own self! Our concern for self continues to roam between past and future. But real life is lived only in this moment. The stream of life synchronises with ever flowing stream of moments. Past is a stagnant, stinking, stale poodle; and future is a mirage that can never be reached. Life is the clearly visible mountain stream that can be seen, watched, listened.

      But what does it mean to ‘Live in present’?

    Our fixed way of being is to brood over the nightmares of the past or reveries of wishful thinking and  fears for the unknown future – anxieties and constant wanderings  to reach the mirages. The throbbing flow of life is in this moment; in every breath that we breathe. Each and every action that we take happens in this moment only- not outside of it.

     We live for millions of moments in our life time. But how many are really filled with joy and liveliness? Very few indeed. If we achieve something; we feel that joy and liveliness for a short time. But the next moment  worries start whether that ‘something’ will remain with us or go away.Or we see our friend or neighbor to possess something more precious than ours; and our joy and liveliness wither away. Most of our joys are momentary only. This is our fixed way of being; our non erasable destiny.

      Or is there another way?

     Yes, there is.

    What we are going to gain or lose in life depend on a myriad of factors. Perhaps we do not have any effective control over them. But our happiness does depend on our attitude towards them.

     We may accept this fact and decide that we will change our attitude and start living with joy , whatever be the circumstances. But is it possible or is it just theoretical? We may think that it could be the way only if we become hermits, renouncing the normal life that we are used to.

    We may accept the undeniable fact that we are not be able to live always with a change in attitude. But isn’t possible that we steal away a few moments and try to live that way only for those moments? How about allocating a few moments just for our rudimentary being?

      Such a free moment with self imbibed discipline is the starting point of ‘Living in present’ .With a determined intention and an effort that is never postponed; we can engage ourselves into a seclusion with our self , at least for those moments. In those moments; we make a determination that we will not have any urge for economic, social, political, or relation related gain.

     We commit ourselves for those few moments daily and for each and every day that-

  • I am nothing.
  • I have nothing.
  • I want nothing.

      If we are prepared to adopt this disceline and this experiment and gain real experience to see what happens; we may go through the next chapters of this series of articles.

       And…. Just do not read them. Start implementing with earnestness and firm commitment. Imbibe that discipline with conscious and affectionate efforts.

       Writer of these articles wishes you success.


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