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Becoming Free; chapter- 7 ; love

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“I am nothing;
I have nothing;
I want nothing.”

     It is very easy to say this. But is it necessary to mention, how difficult it is to implement it?

    It is like changing the direction of our lives. It is unnatural. The basis of life and the instinct of life is utter selfishness. So how such an attitude can take place?

     An imagination about this basic selfishness of life may be read here. ( GRASS)

    At first glance, it would surely appear that it is impossible to think of ‘being nothing’. It is this self centeredness that has caused tremendous progress in human life. Is it to be pushed back to the stone age way? Should we leave all the comforts and luxuries that we are so used to in modern life?

     No. That is never going to happen; e.g. this facility of internet and blogging is a modern tool; and these thoughts propagate only because these tools are available!

    But it is an undeniable fact that the self centeredness goes on expanding in an uncontrolled way alongwith this progress.The rat race to go higher up in the social pyramid, goes on eroding incessantly the values of social co-existence and cooperation. The world has become a big village; but the distance between close individuals goes on widening. This moral downfall is evidenced by wide spread  violence, corruption, the rock bottom level of sensitiveness, the gap between rich and poor, moral degradation, and stress and acute diddatisfaction in the life of a common man.

      A state of having ‘no expectations’ and this volacano of unsatiable expectations – how could these two opposites be related? Each one of us wails at the distinct impossibility of coming out of this dilemma of life.

     This effort of ‘becoming free’ is to quech this burning volcano. This process is not going to happen overnight. It is a reverie that ‘such a quenching’ could be the way of human lives. But the process can definitely start by kindling a candle within us. Without expecting that each one of the human race will get transformed overnight; we can start the process within us. And even that is not going to happen overnight – just by reading such lucid narratives!

     We have to make conscious efforts in that direction – constant, incessant, conscious efforts – and with love. It is surely very difficult. But let me tell you, on the basis of a few experiences in my life that each one of us has a seed dormant within us for such an awakening. We surely have that capability.

     We have to start with ourself getting whole and empty. And write it on the opposite wall that, that emptiness will soon get filled with joy and peace.

      We may argue that the state of affairs can change so; if the direction changes. If we want to go to North, we have to face north; and to south, if we want to go south! But do we have any capability ; any tool within us for this change OR we are wedeed with helplessness and despair only?

   The superamental power of life that has given this instinct of urge to live, expectations and the desire for pursuit of happiness has also given us a great gift too ; which is –


   We have understood LOVE only as sexual attraction between a male and a faemale; built in our anatomy. We have made the tremendous power of LOVE – so limited in that extremely narrow understanding. Life can exist only if love for life exists. So many of our activities arise out of the domain of love. ‘I like this.’; ‘I love that.’ – these utterings are the external manifestations of that quality of love lying deep within our being. All new creations ( including the basis birth of human foetus) is a product of love. New inventions, new paths of way of life, new art object, new poem – all these originate from the domain of love. There are no factories to manufecture them!

    So, if we want to get rid of that ‘Rat Race’; we have to learn the art of nurturing that seed, dormant within us, right from the moment of starting of our existence.  We have to bring back in our lives the playfulness of the child that we were. We have to reorient the cart of our lives from the dead ruts of the way of life- we are so used to – into the highway of love.

   Everyday we have to spare a few moments for nurturing this change within us. Then only new saplings will sprout from that dormant seed. Slowly we have to aspire for a day when the whole of our life is green and fresh with the new foliage – based on that love.

   We have been advised umpteen no. of times to get rid of likes and dislikes. But we have forgotten the fact that – they have been recommended in context of fruits of our efforts – never for the activities that we do. We do need to like positive and welfare oriented activities and dislike negative and destructive activities! We DO need and aspiration to attain a state of ‘No expectations’!

      We started this narrative with the saying-

When one becomes free by changing one’s attitude
The TIME becomes ones helper.

      The poet who wrote this has written this beautiful saying too –

The traveller on the path of love does not crave for results.
He sacrifices his life in pursuit of love but does not deter back his steps.

-‘Rajani’ Palanpuri

     This love to devote whole life for the cause of love is the first step in the ladder of the process of becoming free – love for every moment of life being lived.

     Whatever we do; we start doing with an acute sense of love. We may get result or we may not get; but every moment is spent; every action is done with that love of life. Like a lover mad in his love; like an intoxicated drunkard enjoying every sip of his elixir; whether someone appreciates or not; whether we get any banefit of the effort or not- we go on doing all the cores of our lives. We may set goals for the course of our life activities; but we rejoice every step that we take; every cobblestone of our path; every shoot of grass that comes in our way. Even if a thorn comes in the away; we accept it as a test that consolidates our unshakable faith in Love for the path.

     Constant dissatisfaction; constant like; constant aspiration, constant expectation, constant quest, constant madness… in love for life.

      And write down on the opposite wall – ‘ Only a mad man is truly FREE.’

We have now become mad
in love to live in this moment
– and we have become free!



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