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Becoming Free; chapter- 5 ; Instincts of mind (Dream and Spark)

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     Lacking gives rise to dreams. Dreaming for a new possibility is quite distinct from normal thought process. We may even say that ‘A man who has no dreams is not human.’ Dreams arise out of thoughts or may be in a totally different direction. A man rolling in poverty dreams of living in a palace. A palatial house dweller dreams of becoming an emperor. A devotee dreams of being one with the divine while in meditation. It definitely is a product of desires, expectations, ambitions; but it includes vistas beyond them too.

     It is a yearning to achieve something unseen or not thought of, inexperienced, unattained. Many dreams have no base at all. They make one roam in totally different lands or situations. They make him envision totally strange matters.

  A scientist yearns to find an unexplained secret of nature OR attaining a new level of consciousness and meditation in the internal journey of a devotee. It is the yearning of ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ to fly higher and faster.


      When thoughts have stopped; when the sense of lacking has encompassed the psyche; when all dreams and infatuation for all desires are shattered; at such a moment of abyss, one experiences opening of an unknown gate in a secret corner of the dark tunnels, by the grace of some superamental power. I have given it a name of ‘Spark’. Mohandas Gandhi was thrown out of the train compartment in South Africa and a spark of awakening made him a Mahatma out of a barrister. This is like an electrical spark or a small speck of fire; that initiates a conflagration.It happensd on its own without any effort or prior indication. It can occur in the life of a great man like Gandhi or in a very very ordinary person.

 Such an awakaening does not take shape from any thought. It comes out the sphere of lacking and dream. It sprouts without any seed. It is like opening of a door in a blank wall. Many have experienced such a sudden, unthouht, undreamt opening like a flower blossoming in their lives.

    Everything remaining same, and no new possibility or opportunity showing to open up; everything appears to have changed at such a moment. Far away from imaginations and dreams, in the depths of uncertainties, in the dark abyss – a new ray of light springs forth. A new highway opens up. For such a spark no parameter or the fundamental animal instincts or other three instincts of human mind are responsible. Such a awakening pops up on its own. But a dormant seed does exist, on its own; deep inside all layers of human consciousness. It can pop up anytime. It is as if human mind is programmed for such a possibility!

   Such a spark unveils the hidden truth to a scientist; who might have been unsuccessful in all his efforts and experiments, and could not hope for any ray of hope of finding the solution. A man bried deep in suffering and depression sits up and strats running- rejuvenated by a new fervor of hope and zeal. We may call such a spark descent of Divine grace. It can never arise out of efforts or thoughts or dreams. It generates on its own. Whether there was any apparent seed or not; such a spark totally transforms a person from a weakling, semi developed infant into a ‘Sir Issac Newton’

  Thinking that ‘Jesus or Mohommed or  Buddha was enlightened by such a spark.’; all start craving and struggling for opening of a door in their lives. They start doing yogic and religious practices. They start searching and serving Gurus. But such a spark can not arise out of any apparent effort. Such a possibility may not be having any trace in one’s being; but it does pop uplike an uninvited guest! We may not call it a normal instinct or tendency of human mind; but it does incarnate.

  Of course possibilities of such a spark occurring is definitely more in a scientist or a spiritual devotee. But lives very common people like Rabia, Mira or Joan of Ark have also demonstrated such awakenings.


  Such a spark may spread like a conflagration in the life of an individual and spread like wild fire in the community. It may give rise to a paradigm shift in the social psyche. Such a spark may also extinguish in a few moments too. But such sparks are surely a dimension in human lives.

  Perhaps such a chain reaction of thought, lacking, dream and spark of awakening may have given rise to evolution of  a human mind from  a savage ape.

  And… it may also happen that an unknown enlightenment may protrude in the psyche of human race snoring in the slumber of ignorance and darkness of carnal thought processes. It may happen that a new, super human race may evolve. If at all such an evolution takes place, the human existence may witness a new, unthought off, unimagined, undreamt dimension to human consciousness. Human consciousness may enter a new paradigm.

     ‘Becoming Free’ is an effort to dream of such an occurance of awakening and enlightenment in an individual, in local communities as also in the entire human race.

    Perhaps a spark may occur somewhere and the door to highest peaks of consciousness may open up all of sudden.


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