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Birth of God

It was in the dim light of twilight that homo found himself trapped, on a branch of a tree in the thick forest.

All that afternoon, he was on a wild chase of a deer. Clever and skilled, though he was in stone slinging, that creature had proved itself more adroit than himself. It had skipped all his trajectories and he had lost all stones in the leather bag on his waist. As he searched for a few more amidst thick growth around, the smart deer vanished behind the chunky bushes.

As homo was gazing in vain to find its traces; he could see two glaring eyes in the grove. He ran and the beast jumped out of the thicket. So the chaser was transformed into one being chased. He fled at his best into the open for a while but knew that it was impossible to outwit the cunning and speedier tiger. It dawned on him that only rescue for him would be a tree. He madly rushed towards a tree on the side and stated climbing, barely avoiding the wild animal; although it did succeed in tearing off his leg just above the ankle. He screamed in pain and could barely raise himself at a safe distance with his left foot            bleeding profusely. He thought he would faint; but with deep breath he clenched his teeth and clamped his arms around a branch and lay there panting.

The tiger was waiting for him to fall below. After a while, he got a bit more alert and could climb a bit further and rested there, panting. He thought himself lucky that the beast was not a panther that could have chased him up the tree.

As homo lay there for an hour, it started getting darker and yet darker. It was then that he heard that hissing sound from somewhere nearby. In faint light he could see something crawling – a cobra? With fright he looked around and found a creeper just a bit away. He madly crept to grab it and swing himself. Long that it was; he could rope it up and jump over to another branch, hardly escaping a fall down below. The left foot pained severely, but he could not afford to pay any heed to it.

And there homo lay   in the darkness of night with no moon and acute hunger chewing up his belly. The clouds in the distant west had become thicker and were looming overhead in dark and gloomy sky. It was then that it started drizzling. It was then a downpour, which went on increasing and eventually it burst out in torrents. Fully wet and weak, he shivered with every blast of the cruel, shrill and howling wind on that winter night.

His mind added to the physical plight with the thought that, all the traces he had left behind, to reach back to his cave would be washed away with the heavy downpour. He had already lost his sense of direction in his mad chase of the deer as also of the tiger for him.

He did not know when he went in deep slumber in his miserable destiny, and dreamt of a ghastly end to his life, surrounded by skeletons dancing in ghoulish steps of death. Strange and fearful dragons were spitting out red flames of venom. His thoughts had stopped and he had the only feeling of deep set fear, in his entire being.

In that mental and physical state of his being, dawn slowly started creeping. The clouds had partially cleared and the first rays of a distant Sun gently started sweeping away the veil of darkness. In that dim light, his eyes opened in a nearly cadaverous body. There was no thought, neither any feeling of awe nor fear of death. It was a state neither of life nor death. He just glared emptily at sky, slowly getting brighter with passage of time.

Through the thicket of branches he saw distant clouds, slowly getting visible. Their color slowly started getting formed. First a light grey, the a bit white and then yellow, and then light orange, dark orange, light red and then at last fiery red with first rays of Sun penetrating the horizon within his reach. And through that cluster of clouds, a shape like the fiery eye of a huge being slowly started forming. His being arose from the deep loneliness and started experiencing presence of a distant but enormous being. There was only an eye there surrounded by a scarlet mass without any cognizable shape.

And through that enormous eye, golden rays popped out, telling him something. The message they delivered was not in words that his conscious mind could decipher. It was a message that could only be experienced – not understood. He got charged with that novel experience and could visualize his being slowly creeping back from non existence to life. His limbs started getting sense of life slowly creeping back. His pain in the hurt leg was gone. He started crawling down the branch and then down the trunk of the tree and started walking senselessly in a direction without any aim or desire.

Some unknown force was just forcing him to walk, walk and just walk. The Sun had risen now and the eye of that enormous being had disappeared. The clouds were swept away by a gentle breeze. He knew not where he was going. He was drifting in trance, driven by some unknown force. His surroundings did not mean anything to him.

And then they started appearing familiar to him. The shapes of green trees and rocks started meaning something that was known to him. He realized that he was approaching his familiar abode – his caves. He started running in joy now, though limping a bit on account of pain in his left foot.

Pretty soon, he found himself surrounded by his folks- his dear wife and his kids and his friends and neighbors. After the hugs and cheers and food and drinks, he started narrating his fate last evening, his tryst with destiny and his miraculous escape from death. The memories of his savior with a single, large eye and enormous crimson body were distinctly clear in his mind.

Homo thanked that unknown, shapeless being, whose bright golden eye had given him his life back. Homo called Him a God.

That was when God was born. Since then God is living in all human minds forever.

12 responses to “Birth of God

  1. Chirag Patel June 15, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Nice fantazing. Could be true.

  2. Tushar Bhatt June 15, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    Dear Sureshbhai,
    It has come out well.You have a rational mind,an open mind. The storyline is plausible. Man must have reviewed in the way you have visualised. Two additional suggestions. After a gap of a week or ten days, go through the piece again with a blue pencil.For this,one must read it loudly but without emotions–like a TV news reader.Mark the spots where it sounds a bit jarring. Our ears are great editors. Two, mark all the places, where you may have used double adjectives to emphasise any point. Cut out one adjective which sounds weaker.Too many adjectives do not make anything stronger.
    Just as too much of tomato ketchup does not hide bad quality of a hamburger. Meanwhile, congratulations for this article.
    Tushar Bhatt

  3. jjkishor June 25, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    આ સામયીક પર ગુજરાતીમાં લખતાં સંકોચ થાય છતાં –

    તમે જો આ પણ અમલમાં મુકશો તો, વાંધો તો શું હોય પણ, પછી ગુજરાતીનો એક બ્લોગલેખક ઘટે નહીં એની ચન્ત્યા તમારે માથે !!

    બાકી તમે અમેરીકામાં ઓરીગામીથી અંગ્રેજી વાર્તા સુધીનું હંધુંય અજમાવી જોવા તૈયાર છો એટલું નક્કી. આગળ વધો ને વધતા જ રહો. (તુષારભાઈએ ગજબનું ઉપયોગી સુચન કર્યું છે.)

    ધન્યવાદ અને શુભેચ્છાઓ !

  4. HEMANG June 27, 2009 at 8:32 am


    Your attempt according to me is an excellent attempt bring core point home about God when i read alongwith
    the other article suggested by you titled as “The
    smitting” According to me langauge main fuction is to bring the core message home.Physical form of God has remained a mystry from time immorial and may continue so. Your story mention exact form of God i.e.
    God is nothing but an “Anubhooti” that is what swami Ramdasji used to always mention. He used to tell us that whenever you need help from
    god in trying time just remember him and waite.His main bhajan was also “Jab Janki Nath
    sahay Kare Tan Ko Nar Bigadat Tero” Iwas seeking conformity in your story whiich I got it.In the second article the theme is not touching directly to God.He seems to have mixed upr religion and usual western phylosophy which is open to interpret they way you prefer. According to me secularism is alto gether an independent subject not directly related to
    god.I turst you get my point.thanks for giving good write-up on existence of God.

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  7. dhavalrajgeera June 29, 2010 at 8:39 am

    તેના નામ અનેક ને કહેવાય અનામી.

    નનામીમા બન્ધાઈને જાય પણ પુછો તો જવાબ ના આપે.

    કોઇ કહે શ્યામ તો કોઈ કહે રામ.

    કોઈ કહે અલ્લા તો કોઈ કહે પરવરદીગાર.

    અનુભુતી જ થાય.

    પ્રાગટ્ય થાય ને જો જોવા તલસે ને જે દેખે તે બોલીના શકે.

    કોઈએ જોયા હોય તો મને જણાવજો.

    જેને અનુભવ કરવો હોય તે પ્રેમથી આશા વગર,

    સ્વાર્થ વગર તેનુ નામ સ્મરણ કરે.

    મન્ત્રજાપ કરે ને વિશ્વાસથી કરે.

    ને પ્રભુ ના પ્રેમ ને અનુભવે!

    રાજેન્દ્ર ત્રિવેદી

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  11. સુરેશ April 26, 2022 at 7:27 pm

    Human mind itself is a great Mystery.
    What caused animal mind , restricted to an instinctive constitution , into analytical and intuitive direction?

    We may or may not believe in a concept named god , but we can not deny that something metaphysical IS there. Even the innermost dead matter has zillion quonta of energy wrapped up in a subatomic space.

    These wonders may never get a math model !

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